a continuous story from waste to a plate


Designer Diederik Schneemann and photographer Aldwin van Krimpen will internationally premiere their Food Design concept; Rubdish, during coming design week (April 17th-22 nd 2018), in Milan.  

Rubdish is a conceptual visualization of waste finding it’s way back onto your plate. It is the transformation of rubbish into an appetizing rub-dish. The Rubdish project is a co-creation by self appointed rubdish chef and designer Diederik Schneemann and photographer Aldwin van Krimpen.
About rubdish

Tired of the negative press surrounding pollution our society is confronted with, Diederik Schneemann serves a positive dish. Together with photographer Aldwin van Krimpen he sets out to document the transformation of waste found at different locations throughout Rotterdam into appetizing dishes, taking Food Design to the next level. The process knows three stages: A photographic representation of the rubbish as it is found, the documentation of the palette of ingredients, and the actual transformation in an appetizing dish culminating in the alienating photographic visualization thereof. 

As true beachcombers Schneemann and Van Krimpen roam the city of Rotterdam in search of locations where rubbish accumulates. Washed up waste from the ports of Rotterdam or simply the content of a garbage bin from a metro station, Aldwin and Diederik discovered that once you start looking, there are fresh ingredients to be found everywhere. 

‘We aim to transform waste into a positive evocative image. Every household, company or city has creative potential. Join us…’